Affiliate Programme

Earn money with your website, blog, social media account, etc. by sending visitors to our website. You can do this by registering for Bigala Cloud affiliate program and by redirecting visitors to our website via a personal link. For every visitor of your site that buys a service or product of Bigala Cloud by clicking on the referral link, you will receive a commission for that sale.

How does an affiliate programme work?


Create Account

Create your account and get a unique referral link to increase conversions.

Promote Link

Promote Bigala services by using your unique referral link in your websites.

Visitors & Orders

Your visitors click in the link and place an order at Bigala within 30 days.

Earn Money

Statistics in real time while you earn money from all the commissions.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Affiliate Programme

You can place the unique referral link on different channels. On your own website, your Facebook channel, Twitter account or in your newsletter. If the account meets the conditions, you can use all online channels.

Affiliate can be any of the following categories, partners, including individual persons, companies, and organizations. Being an affiliate allows you to manage the partnerships and once the affiliates have delivered on the agreed outcome, they will be compensated.

Affiliates are compensated when their promotional efforts generate a conversion, in this case when they bring a sale - a new customer or a high-quality lead. The compensation is a commission based on the percentage of one sale and you have two options from this point. To request a withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of €100.00 or to transfer your amount in your account as a credit balance for future purchases of products of Bigala Cloud.

We pay commissions on Domain registration Hosting: (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal), Servers: virtual servers (VPS), OpenStack, Tailored Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting Extra’s: SSL Certificates, Database hosting, Caching add-ons , E-mail: e-mail hosting and Reseller services.

Affiliates can sign up for free for an affiliate program. Moreover, the affiliates can sign up as many affiliate programs across multiple affiliate networks, without having any restrictions.