Jet Backup V5.1 Restore & Download

Jet Backup V5.1 Restore & Download

Published on: 2021-09-15

In this section, you can view, restore and download your Account backups or choose to restore specific Backup Items.

Choosing what to Restore

There are 2 options for Restoring, depending on what you would like to restore.

Restore Full Account – If you’d like to restore from a full account backup, you can select the backup date that you’d like to restore from in the dropdown menu and click “Restore.” This will restore everything that was included in the selected backup.

Restore Specific Backup Items – To restore specific backup items, click the “Show Advanced Settings” button to display tabs for each backup item category. To include or exclude a backup item from the restore, click the Backup Item Tab and click the checkbox to the left of the backup item.

Items to Restore/Download

Restore or Download selected account backup items. By default, these will all be selected if available in your backup.

  • Panel Configurations
  • Home directory Files
  • Databases *
  • Database Users *
  • Email Accounts
  • FTP Accounts
  • Cron Jobs
  • DNS Zones
  • SSL Certificates

NOTE: When selecting a Database for restore or download without selecting Database Users, ONLY the selected database(s) will be included. If you’re performing a “Databases” restore or download from the Databases (DB) Tab, please ensure the proper Database Users (DB Users) assigned to that Database are also selected BEFORE proceeding with the restore or download.

Restore and Download Buttons

  • Restore – Restore selected backups and add them to the Queue. On this step, you can remove backup items from the Restore. If you’d like to remove a backup item from the Restore, click “Remove items” under the category to remove it from the Restore.
  • Download – Download selected backups and add them to the Queue. On this step, you can remove backup items from the Download. If you’d like to remove a backup item from the download, click “Remove items” under the category to remove it from the Download.

Both options allow you to customize the items you’d like to restore or download prior to queueing it on your server.

Restore Options:

The “Restore Options” category will only show when restoring from the User Panel.

  • Terminate account before restore
    This option will terminate your account and remove existing data before restoring the account.
  • Merge live account data with backup data
    This option will merge your backup data with the existing data on your account. Live data takes precedence over restore data.
  • Suspend account after restore
    This option is intended for resellers, to suspend the account after restoring the backup.

Restore Conditions:

Conditions specified under the Restore Settings that would need to be accepted in order to proceed with the restoration. Restore conditions are created by your hosting provider. You will only need to acknowledge them if this section is displayed.

Restore Selected Items

Now you’re ready to restore! Clicking the “Restore Selected Items” button will queue the restore on your server. The restore will be added to the Queue as Processing, and the status will automatically update when it’s Completed.

Download Selected Items

Clicking the “Download Selected Items” will add the selected items to the queue for download. The download will be available under Downloads after it has been completed. You can go to “Downloads” using the JetBackup menu and download the file.



You can choose files or directories to Restore/Download using 2 methods:

  1. Backup Selection Dropdown > Custom > “Home Dir” Tab > Change Files Selection button.
  2. Show Advanced Options > Home Dir Tab > Change Files Selection button.

From the “Home Dir” tab, you can change the files selected by clicking “Change Files Selection” and navigating to your specific file in the file browser. After checking the box to the left or any files/directories, make sure to click “Select Files” at the bottom to save your selection.

Then, continue by clicking the “Restore” or “Download” buttons at the bottom of the page.

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